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From time immemorial, entrepreneurship has been a great advantage to earth. As the world developed over time, the business also evolved. Business has become very essential in various fields like medical, education, politics, hospitality, agriculture, oil, and gas, fashion, etc. Due to business, these sectors have become a success.

Netrepeneurs is a next-generation digital business community, welcoming individuals from different disciplines and cultures. Individuals and organizations who desire self-development, business growth, and expansion. We help this category of people all over the world, foster and promote their business skills through significant programs, events, and ideas.

Learn. Improve. Focus. Transform


In-depth, tailored, and practical business curriculum.

Knowledge Access modular content focused on finance, marketing, strategy, leadership, government, and operations.
Knowledge Learn from experts in the field as facilitators and business leaders at live classes.

Funding to expand your business.

Knowledge Demonstrate your business potential at the Netrepeneurs iFest event.
Knowledge Acess more than a million naira in funding through grants and low-interest loans.

Hands-on guidance to accelerate your business performance.

Knowledge Meet with highly certified business experts from various fields as coaches.
Knowledge Virtual and onsite meetings for a great learning experience.

Lifelong access to a peer network for learning and support.

Knowledge Ai features, and digital tools to share, and build ideas together.
Knowledge In the spirit of "sharing ideas that matter, Netrepeneurs is a community to share the love.

Our Learning Tracks

Train your mind and potentials through our highly educative learning tracks.

23rd Century Businesses and its Systems

What to learn ?
The 23rd Century Businesses and its systems (23rd CBS) is a program developed to empower individuals and cooperative businesses for global relevance and influence.
Content Modules:
tick Developing a business mindset
tick Mastering the business of your talent
tick Finance management
tick Government in business
tick Leadership in business for expansion
tick The future of business
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Upcoming Events

Join the next generation of entrepreneurs and connect with like minds

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Business Tweets with Tony Elumelu, and Ibunkun Awosika (Episode 2)

Frequently asked questions

Our programs are long-term and internationally certified business minds transforming content to build and equip emerging business leaders from every sector while the business tweets is a modeled event that brings together the business world, beyond a show for a great connection and exceptional experience. In the business tweets event is found an educative and interactive environment for the world's next emerging business leaders and the world's current.

As years will come by, our vision continues to raise business leaders across 154 countries to intensify the status of excellence in the business world. We believe this is a key to providing employment opportunities around the world and a walk to eradicating poverty by an authentic comprehension of business and its systems which can be accessed by everyone from anywhere in the world through our modeled digital software, Netrepeneurs.

We make use of flutter wave, paystack, stripe, and other secured/verified platforms for reliable transactions.

Netrepeneurs Academy Ltd is a parent company to The Affluents Network and Netore Plc.

Thanks to our sponsors, Netrepeneurs will continue to provide quality and free education to everyone from anywhere in the world. To become a sponsor, check our sponsorship gigs at cutting

Netrepeneurs is distinguished across 154 countries in the world, this gives our alumna the cutting edge of enthusiasm, public figure, and a global impact architect.

Each program is shaped to have a globally accredited certification at the end of the program.

Netrepeneurs is built for everyone enthusiastic about being successful, exponential growth in career, finance, leadership, and expansion. Although, applicants must be above 15 years of age to apply for our program respectively.

Yes, you can. However, it takes complete details for applicants for a successful registration.

As an alumna, you do not just have a thousand job opportunities to your preference of organizations but also an immediate fundraising opportunity as a founder or an executive of a start-up business anywhere in the world.

A global community for exceptional development, communication, and extraordinary connections for collaboration. Also, Netrepeneurs is modeled with encrypted alumni to facilitators chat system for a great communicating experience.

Netrepeneurs procures the opportunity for applicants to apply to more than one program while in progress with another program. This helps applicants to discover, and explore a lot more within a short period.